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As a trained Co-active Coach, you are at the centre of my coaching practice.

Together we will help you learn, grow, and perform at a higher level.

Coaching conversations with me will provide a safe environment to:

- Discover or clarify your values 
- Link your values to choices in your life

- Explore different perspectives
- Decide which choices to take
- Take action 

I am not an oracle - you know more about yourself, and your life than I ever will. I will never try to make a decision for you, or create a path I think is best for you.
What I will do is be totally honest, believe in your ability to achieve and create, listen to your needs and wants, and remind you of your commitments to yourself. 
Most of all I will care about you. About the you sitting opposite me as we talk, and the you that you strive to be.

Practical information

- Sessions last 50 minutes and can take place digitally
- The first session will include contracting, where we define the scope and nature of the coaching
- The first session will also include discovery, considering what might be important for you to get out of coaching
- We will establish an initial coaching period (often of 6 sessions) which can be revised
- Based on your preference, we can include check-ins by e-mail or text between sessions

Coaching: Services
Coaching: Text
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