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James Ellis Coaching

Engineering Class

For School leaders

How coaching can improve staff performance, well being and retention

Laughing During a Meeting

For Private equity professionals

How coaching can improve individual performance, team performance, staff well being and retention

"I had a series of coaching sessions with James. We worked through some questions I had around my own career and specifically, how best to define a clearer mid / long term plan. I had hit a real mental block with these - but James' collaborative approach was exactly what I needed. He doesn't preach or tell you which path to choose but helps you determine what is most important. I could not recommend James highly enough. I feel happier, have more clarity, and plan to return to James the next time I get 'stuck' on a big question in my life."

Tom, Strategy & Operations @ Google

One to one Coaching

ICF accredited coaching with Co-active coach James Ellis to help understand yourself, others, and systems.

Team Coaching

ORSC influenced team coaching to improve relationships and teamwork.

Education Consulting

Consulting & training for schools to develop a coaching culture

Corporate Consulting

Consulting for businesses to develop a coaching culture 

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